Episode 37: User Sovereignty and Decentralization, The Sequel


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Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman continue their conversation with Dave Huseby, Hyperledger's Security Maven, about user sovereignty and decentralization, open source culture, cryptography, respectful technology, and more.

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Show notes:

00:01:27 The importance of individual sovereignty, autonomy, independence, liberty etc.
00:03:50 Linus doesn't take s#!t off of anybody...
00:06:15 The legislative power shifts
00:11:30 Wizards vs Moguls vs Geeks, who leads the way?!
00:15:03 "Garage Engineering", it's a thing...
00:20:00 Dave's take on passion vs. paycheck
00:21:41 Passion projects
00:31:03 Challenging the power structure, divorcing traffic from it's originators and recipients
00:33:21 Going into cryptography
00:36:54 Social rituals that Facebook has totally F'd up
00:41:32 "Second Life" 'nuff said...
00:43:30 So what are we going to do with that information???
00:46:49 Dave's new project and stepping out of the shadows
00:54:10 The motto is "Respectful Technology"
00:56:20 What is the harm in non-user sovereign systems
(01:06:46 The Jocks vs Nerds paradigm)
01:07:25 The "Earn-it" act

Special Guest: Dave Huseby.

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