Box of Shame August 2020


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This month, Box of Shame is teeming with shame as we cover various stories with questionable decision making. From the potential release of Van Houten, to discrimination in Columbia, to the sentencing of STEM school shooting, and Florida Man doing what Florida Man does, it leaves the girls shaking their heads in disgrace. Sit back, pour a glass, and buckle up because the rage is real #truecrime #comedy #podcast
- ‘Criminals Do Not Retire’: Sharon Tate’s Sister Urges Governor To Reject Parole For Leslie Van Houten
- A Black Trans Sex Worker Died After Paramedics Failed To Take Her To The Hospital
- The Youngest Colorado STEM School Shooter Was Sentenced To Life In Prison
- A Man Allegedly Used Coronavirus Small Business Loans To Pay For A Lamborghini, Jewelry, And Dating Sites

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