A St. Kitts Beach Bar Tour: 19 Must Visit Beach Bars


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Hey Castaway!
Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed the beach bar tour of St. Kitts.
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Here is a run down of the MUST SEE St. Kitts Beach Bars. How many have you visited?
  1. Lion Rock - Cockelshell Beach
  2. Reggae Beach Bar - Cockelshell Beach
  3. Salt Plage - Christophe Harbour
  4. Shipwreck Beach Bar - South Friars Bay
  5. Godfather Beach Bar - South Friars Bay
  6. Discovery Beach Bar - South Friars Bay
  7. The Dock -The Strip, Frigate Bay
  8. Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  9. Vibes Bar - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  10. A Mexican Food Beach Bar (Couldn't find the name, sorry!) - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  11. Cathy's - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  12. Patsy's - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  13. Boozies - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  14. Buddy's Bar & Grill - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  15. Inon's - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  16. Ocean Beach Bar & Lounge - The Strip, Frigate Bay
  17. Sprat Net - Old Road
  18. Arthur's Bar & Restaurant - Dieppe Bay
  19. Reef Bar - Dieppe Bay

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