Nikki Harrison - Making Magic


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There are many different ways to run your business…and it seems like there are an endless amount of variables to consider as you build and nurture your company. Nikki Harrison is an amazing photographic artist from Canada. She built a business starting in Calgary and then moved to Vancouver where it really took off. Then, she moved to a much smaller town and everything changed. Nikki had changed locations and discovered that she needed to also change her business model. Now, the big thing that I took from this is that, knowing Nikki the way I do, I know that she’s a tremendously gifted artist. But more than that, I know that she’s someone who cares so much about her art, that she wouldn’t want to compromise it no matter what. This conversation is a deeper dive into how she navigated the creation of a completely different business model after moving to a much smaller market. But not just any business model. Nikki created something that was profitable and allowed her to continue to embrace her artistry.

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