161: Traffic And Funnels with Chris Evans


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Chris Evans is the CEO of Wealth Cap Holdings. He manages and advices over 7 figures per month in paid traffic and spends/ manages a portfolio of over $5 million of income producing properties

In this episode we deep dive into faith and family alongside building a successful business.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:40] Best Things To Talk About

[6:04] Learning Traffic And Sales

[12:12] Life As A Missionary

[19:13] Facing The Reality Of Who You Are

[22:03] Creating An Impact

[28:35] Going Towards That “Thing” That Motivates You To Build

[35:00] Monumental Lessons From Jay Abraham


  • If you can spend a dollar on ads and make $2 back then you’ll never have to worry about money again.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to other people is a dangerous trap. Everybody has different experiences, history and backgrounds.
  • Create boundaries in your life. Don’t just go after things that you don’t love.
  • We live in a time and age where opportunity is everywhere and it’s abundant.


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