Eliza (Finally) Buys A Couch


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Eliza lived a relatively nomadic lifestyle in Australia before moving overseas. She moved from Sydney to Hobart as a cadet journalist and then onto Karratha – Perth – and then back to Sydney again.

She travelled with the basics and never invested in much furniture because it was expensive to move.

This week, she decided it was time to grow up and buy new couches, on top of whitegoods and other items that make up a family home. It prompted a case of the repatriation blues.

Geraldine has gone back to the movies this week seeing the new Australian film ‘Babyteeth’.

Also on the podcast: the Salisbury Poisoning and Alexei Navalny.

And Geraldine vents about her grammar frustration.

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*Golden Age cinema Sydney https://www.ourgoldenage.com.au

*Alexei Navalny – The Economist https://www.economist.com/briefing/2020/08/29/the-uprising-in-belarus-and-the-poisoning-of-alexei-navalny

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