Different Strokes


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Bomani Jones is here to remind you that football season is here (1:03)! Just because it doesn’t “feel like it”, doesn’t mean that there aren’t compelling storylines. Bo breaks them down for you, discusses how it will look different and addresses Kirk Herbstreit’s emotions from College Gameday. Anthony Davis has a battle on his hands with “can’t go back all-star” P.J. Tucker, who will blink first (27:15)? Plus, Novak Djokovic can’t get out of his own way (39:20), an IYHH with the Heat being denied their request to have their arena used for voting (47:43) and your voicemails from the most egregious lie you’ve ever heard a la Jessica Krug (1:00:00).

IYHH Stories

  1. @heatherkelly on the anxiety and exhaustion kids are dealing with at online school: https://wapo.st/3hcVeLg
  2. @doug_hanks on Miami not having an NBA voting site after county picks Frost museum over AA arena: https://hrld.us/32aSBp5
  3. @DeMiciaValon on the GWU history department demanding the resignation of a professor who pretended to be Black: https://on.thegrio.com/3bEfP9V

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