99: Hip Hop Wine Parties and Black Luxury Travel to Epic Global Destinations with Claire Soares


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Claire Soares shares her journey growing up in Virginia, working at a Fortune 500 Company, learning about food and wine on her business trips, and then identifying the underserved market for Black luxury travel. She shares her process of founding her company as a side hustle and then leaving her corporate job to build “Up In the Air Life” to a 7- figure business serving the Black Luxury Travel niche. She explains the importance for new entrepreneurs of creating a substantial financial runway and the power of using lifestyle arbitrage by living in less expensive countries. She then takes us behind the scenes and explains how she grew “Up in the Air Life” into a multi-million-dollar business by building a field sales team, hosting unique cultural events as lead magnets, and putting meticulous effort into customer service as a means of developing a cult-like brand following. Claire then shares some of her trip offerings, itineraries, and highlights ranging from super-yacht parties to black-tie events in wine vineyards. She explains how she creates 5-star luxury trips to Africa, Asia and Europe without sacrificing cultural and historical substance or immersion in the local communities. She then gives details about her upcoming 5-star luxury trip offering to Antarctica in 2021. Clare also shares her most memorable fine dining experience, and her top wine tasting experience. She then opens up about the importance of mental health for entrepreneurs and shares some of her personal mindset, productivity and high-performance techniques. She also talks about her coaching program for entrepreneurs looking to build a 7-figure business. And she concludes by naming her Top 5 Hip Hop MCs…for the first time ever! FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com

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