EP:21 Interview with Shari Lyon - Positive Birth with Hypnobirthing


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This episode is an interview with Shari about her journey and life mission to empower women to have a positive birth. Shari’s passion for women is truly heart felt and Shari’s mission is to spread the word of positive birthing and that she truly believes that we all deserve to have a positive experience no matter how your baby comes into the world. Shari personally used the Hypnobirthing Australia™️ techniques during her own 2 births. Shari’s first and life-changing experience was with her son at a Birth Centre on the Gold Coast, Australia and her second in a beautiful home birth where she even filmed her birth for you to see her using the techniques she teaches within her current courses and so you can see just how amazing birth can be. Watch Shari’s birth by clicking here https://www.belly2birth.com.au/shari-s-birth-video If you want to learn more about Hypnobirthing and are looking to work with Shari, please visit her on https://www.belly2birth.com.au Work with Nicola to support you with Breath Work in pregnancy and apply for her upcoming pregnancy coaching programme www.nicolalaye.com Remember to come over and join the Nurture Hub Online Community by clicking HERE for only $47 where you will get to connect with other like-minded mums and with Shari and Nicola on a weekly basis where we will take you through breathing, meditations and talking about different topics to help you prepare for your birth and work through the ups and downs of motherhood. Sit back and enjoy this episode.

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