EP 116 - GaryVee (Entrepreneur/Podcaster) on Being Addicted To The Process, Working with Family, His 20's & 30's, Wine & Card Collector Markets & more


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His name is Ben Baller, not Ben Humble & this is a historic episode. To start he's here to discuss: The Clippers being knocked out from the NBA Playoffs, thinking the Lakers are going to win the championship, Floyd Mayweather fighting Logan Paul & more. Then it's an honor & a privilege to have GaryVee (Entrepreneur/Podcaster) on Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller to discuss: Being a Jets fan & growing up a New York sports fan, being addicted to the process, why he is an entrepreneur, Vintage Football cards & Lawerence Taylor, working with family, developing work ethic, turning his parents' business from $3M to $60M, Wine Library, his 20's & 30's, starting a new business with his brother, why he got into the wine industry, why he's so into the hobby of card/wine collecting, how he's gotten so good at picking winner Apps, Being a Jew in the Soviet Union, those who were first on the Internet, what he does now for a living, reinvesting his baseball card collection in Star Wars toys from 1994-1998, being a public private person, if he has any luxury vices & why people buy, being in "the gym", the hobby collections, players to pick up, Topps Project 2020, The Sports Cards Market, a Question for Ben & more. Then Ben brings it back for the Outro to discuss: Giveaways, Autographs & The Hobby & a whole lot more. This episode is not to be missed!

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