How to Take a Giant Leap of Faith - And Land Gracefully! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu


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If you’ve ever wanted to take a giant leap but didn’t know how in the world to do so (Or where in the world you’re going to go), then do we have the Leap of Faith show for you.

Today we’ll talk about taking the leap, having faith, and stepping forward over the edge even when you can’t see the glass bridge below.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Being on the fifth year of the Inspire Nation Show and Michael’s last episode from the current studio (03:35)
  • Michael and Jessica on the mic sharing their journey and lessons learned (05:27)
  • Stepping back from our current life circumstances and getting outside of our regular way of being to create something new (07:30)
  • Mapping out the RV tour by scouting out areas to see if they wanna leave Colorado and being drawn by giant majestic peaks (12:00)
  • Stepping into the unknown, surrendering and allowing the universe to guide them (16:00)
  • What it’s like being in unknown territory without clear tools to use and staying in a state of prayer (21:30)
  • Trust and perseverance: Going slowly, finding time to connect, and allowing and accepting the present moment versus running away from it (25:22)
  • How to make work an ecstatic endeavor (27:11)
  • Putting ourselves out there, navigating the discomfort, and expecting something magical (31:20)
  • Getting Rooroo some custom made rooster diapers while they figure out the litter training (32:57)
  • The walk of faith: How not getting help is actually getting help in and of itself (36:41)
  • Identifying the setups designed by the universe for us to make choices (38:19)
  • Trying to move more slowly, and being extra loving, kind, and gentle to avoid overwhelm (42:31)
  • Embracing that everything happens for us at a higher level for our greatest benefit (45:15)
  • Avoiding the rush so you don’t find yourself in a place where you have to heal from your journey to healing (46:34)
  • The Ph.D. in alternative ways of living that Michael and CJ have been taking for the last five years (48:30)

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