Reinventing a Classic: Ellis Island's Very Vegas Story | Ep. 35


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Sean and Dayna travel to The Front Yard at Ellis Island Hotel, Casino and Brewery. The new beer garden has become really popular since it opened in December. Unfortunately, because of COVD-19 it shut down for a few months, but it's back open and serving up food and drinks. The new addition is also a great place to watch sports. Sean and Dayna interview Christina Ellis about the property's long history and the new addition. They have details on how to get a seat on game day, what kinds of food the restaurant offers, and the indoor/outdoor experience. It's located just off the Las Vegas strip. Sean and Dayna also discuss some great dinner spots along the strip and off the strip that they recently enjoyed and have a lot of tips on how to get a patio seat, where to go, and where you should book a reservation for fun.

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