Resilient Rockstar: Handling Rejection with Susan Cousineau


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If life has sent you in unexpected (and sometimes unappreciated) directions, then you'll find resonance, hope, and inspiration from this grounded conversation with Holistic Ecological Designer Susan Cousineau.

Susan graduated from the Spring 2020 class of Empathology™, and shares what she's gained as a sensitive soul that now helps her navigate life's unexpected twists and turns with more grit, courage, and confidence. (No "gratitude stick" required.)

After growing up in a very small farming community in rural British Columbia, Canada, Susan completed a Bachelors of Science in Ecology in Calgary, Canada, and a Masters of Science in Evolutionary Ecology focusing on infectious disease, immunogenetics and microbial ecology in the Netherlands and France. Today, Susan's work involves supporting those working in global health, soil and regenerative farming, by integrating a diverse range of disciplines including her own fields of knowledge in addition to neuroscience, trauma work, polyvagal theory and traditional medicine.

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