Drinking Partners | Stacey Aye | Fresh Fest 2020


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The Drinking Partners go worldwide with this latest and Fresh Fest Digi Fest exclusive release as they welcome Stacey Ayeh from Rock Leopard Brewing in London, England. After getting his start on the sales end of brewing, Mr. Ayeh decided to start homebrewing, yet faced hurdles to get his products on the shelves despite how well-received they were and how successful he had been selling other brewers’ products. He relates how Paul Jones of Cloudwater Brew Company became a quick and dedicated fan of his brewing, and it was his support that finally allowed Mr. Ayeh’s beers to gain attention. Stacey sips on his own West Coast-styled IPA, he talks about the current trends in British brewing: juicy and hazy. What message would Stacey Ayeh like to share? “Black people can make good beer and it’s being sold near where I live.” To learn more about Rock Leopard Brewing and Stacey Ayeh, visit: www.rockleopardbrewing.com

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