TIP316: Current Market Conditions w/ Preston & Stig (Business Podcast)


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why Warren Buffett is buying Bank of America
  • Which stocks Warren Buffett is selling right now
  • Why Warren Buffett has bought into Japanese trading houses
  • Which stocks Preston and Stig find interesting given the current market conditions
  • Ask The Investors: What is the optimal asset allocation right now?


  • Check out the momentum tool that Preston and Stig created for the TIP Community that predicted the crash in the stock market. TIP Finance also gives you access to our filter tool for the cheapest companies in the US.
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  • Preston and Stig’s interview with Bill Nygren about Bank of America
  • Preston and Stig’s latest discussion about the Current Market Conditions
  • Rich Shaner’s analysis of international stock markets
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