AOW - EP 59.1 Chaos Strategy in a Team Event


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Innes Wilson joins Nick Nanavati and John DeMaris to talk about using chaos in a team event.


++Team: Team Avon

++Player 3: Innes ‘The Finn’ Wilson [Captain]

++Army Faction: Chaos

++Factions Used: Chaos Daemons, Thousand Sons, Death Guard

++Total Points: 1996

++Total PL: 99

++Starting CP: 2

++Total Reinforcement Points: 0


++Primary Detachment - Chaos Daemons Battalion Detachment -2CP (701pts, 33PL)

HQ: Lord of Change (270) Baleful Sword (5) - [275pts, 14PL] ++Warlord (Incorporeal Form) ++Relic (The

Impossible Robe) ++Exalted -1CP (Aura of Mutability) ++Psyker (Gaze of Fate, Bolt of Change, Infernal

Gateway, Smite)

HQ: The Contorted Epitome (210) - [210pts, 11PL] ++Psyker (Phantasmagoria, Symphony of Pain, Smite)

++Relic -1CP (The Forbidden Gem)

TR: 3x Nurgling Swarms (3x18) - [54pts, 2PL]

TR: 3x Nurgling Swarms (3x18) - [54pts, 2PL]

TR: 3x Nurgling Swarms (3x18) - [54pts, 2PL]

TR: 3x Nurgling Swarms (3x18) - [54pts, 2PL]

++Secondary Detachment - Thousand Sons Patrol Detachment -2CP (231pts, 13PL)

HQ: Sorcerer in Terminator Armour (105) Inferno Combi-Bolter (3) Familiar (10) - [118pts, 6PL]

++Psyker (Warptime, Prescience, Sorcerous Façade, Smite)

TR: 5x Rubric Marines (5x18) Force Stave (0) - [90pts, 6PL] ++Psyker (Weaver of Fates, Sorcerous

Façade, Smite)

FA: Chaos Spawn (23) - [23pts, 1PL]

++Tertiary Detachment - Death Guard Vanguard Detachment -6CP (1064pts, 53PL)

HQ: Malignant Plaguecaster (100) - [100pts, 5PL] ++Psyker (Miasma of Pestilence, Blades of Putrefaction,


EL: 10x Blightlord Terminator (10x35) 8x Bubotic Axe (8x5) 8x Combi-Bolter (8x3) 2x Flail of Corruption

(2x15) - [444pts, 22PL]

EL: Foul Blightspawn (85) - [85pts, 5PL]

EL: Foul Blightspawn (85) - [85pts, 5PL]

EL: Noxious Blightbringer (55) Plasma Pistol (5) - [60pts, 3PL] ++Relic -1CP (The Daemon’s Toll)

EL: Tallyman (55) Plasma Pistol (5) - [60pts, 3PL]

FA: 5x Chaos Spawn (5x23) - [115pts, 5PL] ++Contaminated Monstrosity -1CP

FA: 5x Chaos Spawn (5x23) - [115pts, 5PL] ++Contaminated Monstrosity -1CP

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