077 - Six Podcasts You Should Hear and Voice Marketing Sampler


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Why did we pause interviewing guests on this show? This is the one where she cross-pollinates. Topics:

  • A new direction for this show, sometimes. Experiment. Do what feels good and works. Stop what's not worthwhile. Don't be married to a formula.
  • What makes a good podcast episode?
  • Why Emily has taken a few weeks off from this show.
  • Coming up at the end of this episode: hear this month's top five briefings under three minutes each: a sampling from the mini podcast / weekday Alexa Flash Briefing, Voice Marketing with Emily Binder.
  • My top five podcast recommendations:
  1. Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel
  2. Pivot podcast with Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher
  3. The BeanCast
  4. Animal Spirits
  5. The Compound Show with Downtown Josh Brown
  6. Design Driven podcast with J Cornelius, CEO and Founder of Nine Labs

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