#217 The Nue Co. - Clean, Effective, & Natural Supplements. Co-Founder Charlie Gower Sharing His Story


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This podcast episode was originally recorded on May 5, 2020. We wanted to bring this episode back from the archives because we thought it fit in nicely with our current fitness and wellness themed giveaway. We've cleaned up the audio a bit and hope that you enjoy the episode with owner Charlie Gower talking about his journey in building The Nue Co.

Josh sits down with The Nue Co. co-founder Charlie Gower. The Nue Co. makes supplements that bridges alternative medicine and proven scientifically backed ingredients. Charlie and his wife and co-founder Jules, began Nue Co. to help improve people’s health whether that’s the health of their gut, skin, or sleep. After getting fed up with mediocre synthetic products, he and his wife started to take matters into their own hands to deliver products that will help and heal people with ingredients that won’t harm the earth.

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