E10 Shruthi Rajasekar’s Fascinating Position


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Shruthi Rajasekar is a composer from Minnesota USA who straddles the worlds of Western contemporary music and south Indian Carnatic music from a truly unique position. Having grown up in the US with prominent Carnatic musician Nirmala Rajasekar as a mother, Shruthi is a joy to talk with as we cover:

  • Choral culture and education in the US vs UK
  • How the pandemic is actually improving conversations around pieces in the rehearsal process
  • Shruthi’s experience at SOAS and RNCM
  • We also get super into the weeds discussing how despite its insane cross-rhythms, Carnatic music never changes time signature – plus how Shruthi breaks those rules in her piece, Numbers.

Shruthi Rajasekar https://www.shruthirajasekar.com/

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Links and Show Notes
Many thanks to NMC for allowing Shruthi’s piece Numbers to be played in this podcast. Find out more about their great Young Composers Scheme album on their website or stream the piece.

Shruthi’s ‘German and Sanskrit’ piece, Devotee (played throughout)

Shruthi’s mum, Nirmala Rajasekar

Out of Context #1: Diversifying Programming with Integrity – Shruthi’s article for I Care If You Listen

B C Manjunath's Instagram:
“My mood for few days has simply been in Triplets, Sextuplets and Duodeciplets” 😅 Transcribed madness. 42:28s anyone?

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