Everything You Need To Know About Whole Body Vibration For Fat Loss, Strength Gains, Cardiovascular Fitness, Stem Cell Production, Growth Hormone, Testosterone & Much More!


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Can those fancy vibration platforms at your health club or gym really help you burn fat or lose weight, and is there any research behind that?

Is there any significant hormonal response to whole body vibration (WBV)?

What is the effect of vibration training on cardiovascular fitness, and how would it be used for that?

Any effect on lymph fluid or immune health, similar to a trampoline/rebounder?

How about for muscle recovery or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

How does one actually use a vibration platform the right way?

Can you stack WBV with other so-called "biohacking" modalities, such as photobiomodulation, EWOT, isometric training, etc?

Jason M. Conviser, Ph.D., MBA, FACSM, is my guest on today's podcast to answer all these questions and more.

He is the Chief Science Officer for Performance Health Systems and with a long history in vibration research, the health and wellness industry, sport medicine, metabolic syndrome and bringing health care to the general public outside of a clinical environment. He has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation and an MA in Exercise Physiology. He is a Fellow of American College of Sports Medicine, Medical Fitness Association, Medical Wellness Association and serves on the Power Plate Sport Medicine Advisory Board, Life Fitness Sports Medicine Advisory Board, National Commission on Reform of Secondary Education and National Task Force on Citizenship Education.

He has also authored over 45 articles in scientific journals, trade publications and large distribution newspapers and is past consultant and exercise physiologist for the Duchess of York.

During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Ben and Jason use vibration platforms at home...7:00

-How to use a vibration platform to burn fat...9:35

-Endocrine responses to WBV...

-How the body is better prepared for a workout after using WBV...24:25

-Ideal length and frequency of WBV sessions...34:00

-The efficacy of WBV on cardiovascular fitness...40:25

-The effect of WBV on lymph fluid circulation, improved immunity, etc...47:10

-Research and best practices on increased recovery potential w/ WBV...50:45

-Best practices while using a vibration platform...1:02:00

-Other modalities that combine well w/ WBV...1:07:30

-And much more!

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