Injury Myths and Running Smarter with Brodie Sharpe


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On this week's episode, we interviewed special guest Brodie Sharpe. Brodie is a qualified physiotherapist and host of 'The Run Smarter Podcast'.

Running Smarter to Brodie is about giving evidence-based advice to runners and breaking down common running misconceptions and myths that aren't serving them.

This episode is so important for athletes to listen to, especially if you want to stay on top of your injuries.

We discussed:

  • The most common myths/misconceptions that Brodie sees regularly
  • A trusted rehab principle that has become outdated overnight
  • The newest acronym in recovery
  • How to what is good soreness vs bad soreness
  • How to know when an injury is really an injury
  • Brodies biggest tips for injury prevention
  • The secret role of the mind in recovery
  • Does your personality type give you a higher chance of injury?
  • How to get the most out of your muscles, tendons and joints, no matter what age or level

We had a great time chatting to Brodie and look forward to having him on again to discuss some more specific injury topics in depth.

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