Rischa D'Araisa-Season 2-Episode 6-The Only true "Gezunta Vinter" will be with Universal Healthcare and the Repeal of the Second Amendment


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Rabbi Bechhofer surprises Rabbi Kivelevitz with his call for repealing the second amendment.

The Rabbis debate the validity of the position staked out by Ben Shapiro and others that had the Jews not been deprived of weapons they might have resisted Kristallnacht and other pre-war horrors.

Rabbi Bechhofer has utter disdain for the Saint Louis couple who brandished weapons in the face of rioters approaching their home.

Kivelevitz is skeptical to his friend's insistence that providing free universal healthcare to all is a Torah command.

Bechhofer refers to this passage and its conclusion in the Nishmas Avraham as indicative of the model suggested by the United Nation's declaration of Health as a basic human right.

He therefore is against the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett's ascension to the Supreme Court due to her written views on Obamacare.

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