513: How to Solve Real Problems For People | Tibor Laczay


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Tibor Laczay of Zenni Optical, is truly disrupting and transforming an industry fighting to retain its hold on the market -- and losing the battle.

In 2013 with his wife and co-founder, they started in their garage with no outside funding of any sort and created what is now Zenni optical.

If you are a glasses wearing individual like myself, then you've heard of and possibly purchased a pair of glasses or two from Zenni. Their growth has been staggering. As they celebrate 15 years in business, they are also celebrating selling 24 million pairs of glasses worldwide -- at a rate of 15,000 per day.

What started in their garage, now has its headquarters in Novato, Calfornia, with nearly 1,000 employees worldwide -- including one of the largest end-to-end manufacturing facilities in the world.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why disruption is inevitable and you can't stop innovation
  • How to ignore your competition (and leave them trailing behind)
  • Why you should forget the money and follow an extreme passion

Now, let's hack...

Tibor Laczay.

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