Five and Dive, Episode 88: Moral Turpitude


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In Episode 88, Emma and Craig chat about Craig's Wayfair purchases and listening to baseball on the radio and then discuss five mostly baseball topics.
1. Game 1 Dominance over Rays shows why they’ll win the World Series: The Dodgers got off to a good start in the Fall Classic.
2. Game 2 loss looked eerily similar to past World Series failures: And then what happened?
3. La Règle de Jeu (or, if you are Craig, The Rules of the Game): Rob Manfred is pleased by your resigned acceptance of his new rule changes.
4. Meet the Mess: Remember when the Royals were sold and we just found out the day it happened and then heard it got League approval and that was it?
5. A Golden Hunk of Metal: I for one welcome our new DRS overlords.
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