Get to Know Nicole Gennetta, Your Backyard Bounty Host, with Patrick Gennetta


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This week we join Patrick Gennetta as we turn the spotlight onto Nicole Gennetta who is your Backyard Bounty Podcast host, purveyor of Chicken Nipples, owner of Heritage Acres Market, and chief disseminator of extremely useful information at the Heritage Acres Market Blog!


  • How to treat a bee sting.
  • How Nicole deals with setbacks on her hobby farm.
  • Why Nicole is passionate about fact-checking all her blog posts and what her criteria are for finding podcast guest for the show.


Nicole Gennetta is a Colorado native and an outdoor enthusiast. A retired firefighter/paramedic, Heritage Acres Market, and her family are now her main focus. When not working on the farm, she enjoys creating new content for the blog and recording new episodes of this podcast.

Heritage Acres, a 2-acre hobby farm run by Nicole with help from her husband (and occasional podcast host!) Patrick. Their small paradise in Pueblo West, Colorado is home to chickens, guinea fowl, quail, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, pigeons, bees, and more. They also have a quaint peach orchard and a picturesque garden.

Heritage Acres Market offers a number of poultry and bee-related products via the Shop and is proud to be the only US distributor of the Columbus Aqua poultry watering nipple which Nicole Gennetta uses exclusively on her own farm. These nipples are the ideal waterer for chickens, turkeys, quail, and most all other backyard poultry. Columbus Aqua poultry nipples are the original horizontal nipple and made in Europe, while all other side mount poultry nipples are made in China.

Nicole Gennetta enjoys the hard work and satisfaction that comes from running their homestead. There is never a dull moment, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it.


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