#299 - Jahari Massamba Unit, William Basinski, Ziyiz, Calum Gunn, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Maral - 2 November 2020


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On this week's pod the mood is a little more downtempo as we explore new releases that cut across musique concrète, spiritual jazz, and drone. It's not all abstract and down though, we also have a fantastic unreleased track from the sadly split Taman Shud, we have a phenomenal club banger from Ziyiz, the latest tropical sounds from Conjunto Papa Upa, Iranian-American experimentation from Maral and loads more.

Calum Gunn - Assumption (OOH-Sounds, Italy)
Maral - Dashti (Leaving Records, USA)
Conjunto Papa Upa - Todo Parao - Parte 2 (Music With Soul, Netherlands)
Jahari Massamba Unit - Les Jardins Esméraldins (Pour Caillard) (Madlib Invazion, USA)
Taman Shud - Psalmody of Verdure (Baba Yaga’s Hut, UK)
Ziyiz - War Nah (Failed Units, UK)
Dekalb Works - A Play (Where To Now? Records, UK)
Günter Schlienz - Kerberus (Moon Glyph, USA)
William Basinski - The Wheel of Fortune (Temporary Residence Ltd, USA)
Left Hand Cuts Off The Right - I Can Wait 4 (Oaken Palace Records, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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