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Hannah and Erik explored several different national wildlife refuges throughout the Pacific Northwest to see what their auto tours had to offer. Each refuges has incredible beauty, interesting wildlife, and so much more to see!
Show notes

There are 567 total national wildlife refuges in the USA. Here is more info about the Big Six Wildlife-Dependent Public Uses.
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Kootenai NWR: 12:30
Turnbull NWR: 22:15
Umatilla NWR: 30:45

Rio Grande Valley Virtual Birding Festival
Winter Finch Irruption Forecast

eBird hotspots

Kootenai NWR
Turnbull NWR
Umatilla NWR

Intro Bird Call: White-breasted Nuthatch (Recorded October 2020 Spokane WA)
Outro Bird Call: Mountain Quail (Recorded May 2020 Clatsop, OR)

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