Episode 118 - Zoë Rom.


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This week Eugene speaks to Zoë Rom. Zoë Rom is an Associate Editor of Trail Runner magazine in the US, and host of the DNF Podcast, a podcast about failure. Which is actually awesome. If you were going to cheat on us with another podcast, well... we’d still be upset, but we’d understand. In addition to being a journalist, Zoë is a trail runner, having set a couple of FKTs this summer, including on Colorado’s 14er Capitol Peak, a section of which has had multiple fatalities. Zoë talks about failure, and whether the ability to not give up should actually be considered a talent just as much as being fast is, and about what sled dog racing can teach trail runners. We also have a Greatest Run Ever with conditions, all the racing news you need to hear, Eugene puts forth a bold strategy to amend his ultrasignup percentile, and Matt tells you about birds he loves beginning with the letter K. Enjoy.

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