J-Lab Episode 22: Redeeming the vox pop, with the Guardian's John Harris


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Vox pops are much maligned, seen by some as the lowest form of journalism. Just filler at the end of a news package on TV or radio bulletins. A tick box exercise to include different voices. But over the last 10 years, the Guardian’s John Harris and John Domokos have discovered that vox pops, done thoughtfully, given time and conducted with an open mind can unearth significant perspectives that escape the notice of opinion polls, think tanks or political advisers. Their award-winning Anywhere But Westminster short films of chance encounters on Britain’s streets have highlighted the real issues facing communities, given voice to people who rarely make the news, and brought their lives, concerns and struggles to the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers. In this episode, John Harris speaks to Ian Wylie about the origins of the series, recalls some of the key conversations recorded and offers advice for journalists on the importance of showing what's actually going on, rather than trying to predict what is going to happen.

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