Ep. 33: What does Today’s Sports News, Netflix, and Porn have in Common... and Would You Use Bae’s Deodorant?


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In episode 33 of the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast, Eric tries to get some positivity out of Brandon but without much success.
First, we discuss what Netflix, Porn, and Sports News all have in common (you don’t want to miss this convo).
With the Vikings struggling and a questionable future for basketball and hockey in this town, Brandon is ready to give up. Eric reminds him that Minnesota has always been like this (in case he forgot). Why these expectations now?
A win in Seattle would make Brandon feel a lot better but can the Vikings make it happen so they can turn the narrative? How does the rest of the schedule look? What are the chances they do or don’t make the playoffs? We dig into all of those topics.
After a 6-2 start, Brandon is still questioning Richard Pitino’s team so Eric tries to set him straight there too. But he has his own worries. How does Richard fill in for the lack of 3-point shooting and PG play? We discuss.
Are the Timberwolves really as good as they’ve been playing the last few weeks, since Jimmy Butler’s departure? Even Andrew Wiggins seems to have figured things out lately, What is the Timberwolves ceiling? Is this a team that can one-day compete in the West? We discuss that too.
We briefly take some time to talk Gopher Football too. There are some interesting wrinkles to this matchup at Ford Field vs the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who still run an archaic offense that will cause PJ and Co. to lose out on some very important practice time with his defense.
BUT, between all of this fluff, we also found time to talk about some of the real questions that have plagued society for decades. That topics this week...
Have you/would you EVER use your girlfriend’s deodorant, if in a bind? Our answer might surprise you....
What a show. What a life.

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