This One's For The Boys


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Real unicorns don’t wear pants, and just as it goes in business so it goes for your feelings too.

It is easy to stand for something, but in order to stand for something you HAVE to stand against something else. The thing you feel uncomfortable about standing for is the thing you need to be saying!

In this episode Nicole stands up against the man-hating movement, and opens up about her take on the vilification of men.Nicole shares about the exchange of feminine and masculine energy in how she shows up as a coach. She opens up about traumatic events both from her childhood, and in her years as a bartender and how despite the trauma she doesn’t hate all men.

If you aren’t easily triggered listen now to find out why:

--You don’t have to hate a whole gender

--Dudes are money making badasses

--It is good to repel people as a coach

--It’s impossible to work with someone that is exactly like you

--You don’t have to live in trauma patterns

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