The Friend Zone


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Do you just go along to get along? If you were that person, you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast! Ask Nicole! People tend to like stability in their lives and tend not to stray away from being comfortable where they are in life. If you are an entrepreneur and breaking into that world or if you have been in the entrepreneur world for a long time, you can NOT fall into that trap of being comfortable.

When searching for success, Nicole wants you to get out of the “friend zone” of being stuck with those who don’t understand your new or old vibrations of being excited about what you do in your unicorn life.

Your “friends” may not always agree with the good ideas you have and hearing that your ideas could fail or will not work frequently comes into play. This is the definition of, “low vibe trash”.

These people do not care about anyone but themselves. Trust Nicole. She was there for a while. Then she realized that she was not them or a part of these “friends”. She is a hustler and a WONDER WOMAN.

Let’s have a friend to friend talk so Nicole can teach you:

  • How to live your unicorn life
  • How to call these friends or family out on their sh*t
  • How to serve those who serve you
  • How to become high vibe and step away
  • Last but not least, learn how to be independent in this entrepreneur journey

Just checking in...Are you ready to walk away from these low vibes & step away?

Come tell us how you got out of that “Friend Zone” in Wonder World, @unicornclientattractionsercretsforhighvibewonderwomen

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