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Episode 44
J is For Genius
As always, all OUR links to our socials & to our fabulous MERCH are growing on this handy Linktree - Cold Callers Comedy
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The competition for a one of a kind, limited edition vinyl of our christmas single is LIVE, so keep your eyes on the prize and check our pinned tweet @coldcallers and see how to enter. We talk Ryan's new isolation struggles, Rudy Giuliani's hair dye troubles... and the trouble's of the actors involved in the new Brexit TV ad.
Ryan's Highlight of the Week is just plain wrong. Perhaps he's getting in some practice for Suck On My Big Fat Dictionary where his word knowledge is put to the toughest of tests!
Tom Hardy finds refuge with his friend, Gerard Butler in Hardy's Hardest Hats. It's Tom's turn to don a hat. A spartan hat... but he's more concerned with biscuits...
We have a great, big, imposing, fine specimen of a guest this week. We are thrilled to have actor, theatrical fighter and good looking stuntman... James Unsworth! We chat about his experience being a stunt/fight guy in TV & movies, and he has some excellent stories about his time working with Michael Bay... and even wrestling legend, Shawn Michaels... And of course we play Why Did They Give Them 1 Star? - The 1 Star Movie Review Game. Listen in to find out more and click links below.
Catch James on twitter here - @James_Unsworth and check out his Insta here - @jamestunsworth
Last week's COMPETITION WINNERS were the guys at Cherry Avenue True Crime and the runner up was Alissa Metternich from The Netherlands!
Also a huge shout out to:
The guys at the Page Turners & Button Mashers Podcast- find them on twitter too at @TurnandMashPod.
To Rob & Ross at I Understood That Reference Podcast.
And lastly to Greg from the Indie Drop-In for everything he's doing for Indie Podcasts! - Here's his twitter @indiedropin
All the best

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