David Campli - Business Gets Personal


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Campli photography was born in 1990 to become a leader in the neighborhood. Today the studio handles family portraits, weddings, seniors and commercial accounts. The studio is a brick and mortar operation with client service at the forefront. With a staff of 3 in the studio, and 3 additional part time photographers, this busy place is still the place on main street to stop by for a coffee and good conversation. Even with a mask.

David is the man behind the vision. Though he is the head photographer, his vision stretches far beyond the scope of a lens. David not only has years of experience behind the camera, but also as a business owner. His technical training makes the camera an extension of his personality. Working with people young and old, individuals and large groups, are what he enjoys the most about portrait photography. He is a family man at heart, holding those values true in his work. His ideals give his images a certain aura of authenticity. From his home to his studio, family is what fuels his art form.

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