Matt Fitzgerald: How Bad Do You Want It?


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Episode 80 is another interview the brilliant author Matt Fitzgerald. Last time I interviewed him about his book 80/20 which discusses the concept of running easy for 80% of your training and hard for 20%. This interview focuses on his very popular book How Bad Do You Want It? I bought this a long time ago and loved it. This book is all about the mindset required for running well. Are injuries or persistent niggles ruining your enjoyment of running and hindering your performance? Get on top of these now so that you can get back to the pure joy that is running!! Come in and see the specialists at Health and High Performance where they utilise the latest in technology, and experience, to help you get back to your running best. Head to to book an appointment and get back to feeling how good it feels to run without pain or discomfort! You can also find them on instagram: HealthHighPerformance Thank you so much for supporting my podcast! I really appreciate the people who take the couple of minutes out of their day to get onto Apple Podcasts to rate and review me. I read all of my reviews and they sure do inspire me to keep working on it! Thanks so much!! If you enjoyed this episode, please do go on over and rate and review. I am aiming for 100 reviews by Easter next year! Will you help me achieve my goal? I don’t know about you, but I am already planning the races I want to do in the quickly approaching new year. If you are too, email me to organise an individualised training plan. Next week’s interview is one I am very excited about! I chat with Lazarus Lake about how comes up with such interesting race concepts, and what he thinks it will take for a female to complete the fun run or even the full race at Barkley. Make sure you tune in for that one!! Enjoy the interview with Matt.

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