Cloud Native Computing Foundation with Chris Aniszczyk and Dan Kohn Holiday Repeat


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Originally published May 14, 2018

The Kubernetes ecosystem consists of enterprises, vendors, open source projects, and individual engineers. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation was created to balance the interests of all the different groups within the cloud native community.

CNCF has similarities to the Linux Foundation and the Apache Foundation. CNCF helps to guide open source projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem–including Prometheus, Fluentd, and Envoy. With the help of the CNCF, these projects can find common ground where possible.

KubeCon is a conference organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. I attended the most recent KubeCon in Copenhagen. KubeCon was a remarkably well-run conference–and the attendees were excited and optimistic. As much traction as Kubernetes has, it is still very early days and it was fun to talk to people and forecast what the future might bring.

At KubeCon, I sat down with Chris Aniszczyk and Dan Kohn, who are the COO and director of the CNCF. I was curious about how to scale an organization like the CNCF. In some ways, it is like scaling a government. Kubernetes is growing faster than Linux grew, and the applications of Kubernetes are as numerous as those of Linux.

Different constituencies want different things out of Kubernetes–and as those constituencies rapidly grow in number, how do you maintain diplomacy among competing interests? It’s not an easy task, and that diplomacy has been established by keeping in mind lessons from previous open source projects.

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