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Thanks for tuning in! This is the first of our "Fish Story" Podcast Episode Series. In our Fish Story Episodes we will be sharing and describing one epic adventure that we have experienced on the water. We intend for these episodes to be short format. A good way to get a laugh, perhaps learn something, or relate to an experience of your own!
In this episode, we sit down with our good friend and fellow captain, Dave Good, and discuss a crazy day the 3 of us, and Taylor's wife Emily, had in July of 2019.
We started the day off with a 1/2 day striped bass fishing charter inshore. That time of year we were snagging and dropping live pogies (menhaden) for big striped bass in 10-20' of water. There were massive schools of pogies everywhere in Cape Cod Bay last year. We would pull up to them, and use weighted treble hooks to snag a bait, and then open the bale to allow a striped bass, or other species to eat it.
On this particular day, we encountered 400-700lb Giant Bluefin Tuna crashing through the inshore pogie schools in 12' of water in the mouth of the North River! It caught us completely off-guard...but once our morning charter was done, we went back out on the water and had quite the experience with one of those bluefin expectedly/unexpectedly...You do not want to miss this fish story!
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