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How do you sell a property when you know someone died there? Even better, how can you even conceal it when the real estate investors are on the property when the body is discovered?

Any deal can be rescued when there’s enough meat on the bone to account for extenuating circumstances. That’s what Nick Perry says about the $75,000 spread he was expecting from a motivated seller in Louisiana, but that turned into something else entirely when someone disappeared on the wooded property.

There’s always some risk when you’re wholesaling in your own city, but virtual wholesaling can get even more exciting when you don’t know the history of an area or a house. Nick talks about the lessons he and his team learned when they had to manage a rocky deal long distance.

Going forward, he’s put in some additional steps to protect himself for the next time a body might turn up on one of his properties. I hope you’re loving all of these stories because the advice coming out of them is absolutely golden. For a copy of all of the Deals Gone Bad, text the word BAD to 313131 for access to my mind map, and all of the best highlights from this series.

What's Inside:

—No matter how bad the situation is, remember that the numbers don’t lie.

—Why Nick pivoted out of Austin, TX and into virtual wholesaling.

—Nick’s strategies for buying and selling in small towns.

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