Listener Q&A: Pirate Stories, and "Irish Crickets"


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On this episode of the SeaBros Fishing Podcast we sit down and attempt to answer some questions that we received from you guys over the past few weeks on Instagram.
Joining us is our friend, fellow captain, mate... and pirate, Dave Good. If you have listened to previous episodes of the podcast, you have probably heard earlier conversations we have had with Dave. We had a lot of fun recording this one. Lots of laughs and new coined phrases during this discussion.
We cover a gamut of topics ranging from our choices on breakfast and lunch options on the boat, to the types of hooks we have been using for the past few seasons. There are A LOT of funny charter stories sprinkled throughout this conversation; all relatable to your questions.
Thank you to everyone that submitted questions and ideas. Keep them coming!
Stay tight,
Bryan & Taylor
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