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Media mogul, Fred Williams, having successfully migrated from Print to Video shares some insights on how to tell a story on Episode 34 of Conversations with Big Rich. From the farm to four-wheel drives, Fred continues to “cross-pollinate” the off-road industry as he explores more Dirt Every Day.

3:46 – What makes a Jeep most like a tractor?

8:03 – YouTube is the modern day service manual

10:31 –I’m just a kid that likes 4x4’s

16:53 – first rockcrawl- bunch of guys just all trying to figure it out

22:38 – first job at Peterson’s

29:25 – commitment to the cars

41:58 – like a bumblebee, cross-pollinating the off-road industry

45:39 – trying to get the scoop

50:08 – The early days of Dirt Every Day

55:54 – full scuba gear – see the #1 episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icp2Pb5uoME

1:07:22 – you have to tell a story

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