"These are the voyages of....a ship.....and some cats...." - Tangled in the Slipstring #1


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It's here! The first episode of our actual play series "Tangled in the Slipstring" is finally finished! In this episode, we meet the crew of a yet-to-be-named ship and find out what kind of hi-jinx they can get into without much prodding. Featuring the talents of Chris Renshaw, Collin Pastorius, Cindy Pastorius, Calvin Wong, and Philip Herbig! (Note, there are a few audio glitches, but those will be fixed for next time)

Thanks to all of our patrons who helped make this episode possible. This "prologue" episode, plus the first full session will be available to the public, but after that these episodes will only be available to patrons on their special Patreon RSS feeds (https://patreon.com/boardsandswords)***.

***At the time of posting, we've fallen back under the goal needed to create more episodes. This episode, plus the first "full" session have already been paid for by our patrons. Once those episodes have been recorded, we'll need to get back to our $50/month goal in order to continue producing episodes.

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Chris Renshaw - GM (Twitter: @boardsandswords, Instagram: @boardsswordschris)

Calvin Wong - Kazarak One-Eye (Twitter: @ithayla)

Cindy Pastorius - Lady “Franny” Francesca (Twitter: @cindypastorius, Instagram: @cindypastorius)

Collin Pastorius - “Mr.” Higgins (Twitter: @colcakes193, Instagram: @colcakes193)

Philip Herbig - Maine Coon “MC” Reynolds (Twitter: @PhilTheDirtbag)

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