Don-ward Spiral? The Queen vs Netflix 12.1.20


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In episode 769, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Scam Goddess Laci Mosley to discuss Trump's continued meltdown, white fragility, The Crown, and more!


  1. JUST IN: President Trump snaps at reporter objecting to the President's false claims about the election: "You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way."
  2. Trump’s Tantrum Over Loss Could Smash Georgia GOP
  3. Trump underperformed in most counties where he held large rallies
  4. Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Tease New Anti-Lockdown Song 'Stand and Deliver'
  5. 'Straight, white males can't win the Booker Prize today': Past winner John Banville slams 'woke' movement as 'a religious cult' after gay author scoops 2020 award and two women shared it last year
  6. British Culture Minister Calls for Fiction Label on Netflix's 'The Crown'
  7. The Crown season four to issue trigger warnings ahead of Princess Diana episodes
  8. 'The Crown' creator defends 'made up' scenes in the hit Netflix show
  9. The Crown's fake history is as corrosive as fake news
  10. Viewer's hilarious viral complaint about 'inaccuracy' in The Crown Season 4 has fans in stitches
  11. ‘Anne would never hold the reins like that’: the countryside’s many problems with The Crown
  12. The Crown lambasted for the Queen’s ‘sloppy’ salute
  13. Fact or fiction? British culture minister says ‘The Crown’ should be clear.
  14. WATCH: Lord Apex - Cruisin' With the Lights Off

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