Episode 119: "Encouragement for Bi-Vocational Youth Leaders" with Jordan Martin


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When I was engaged in full-time local church youth ministry, it was obvious to me that my greatest youth ministry asset was my volunteers. They were nothing short of awesome. One of the mistakes we make in today’s youth ministry world is believing that the best youth workers are those who do it full-time with large budgets and lots of kids. That’s just not true. Here at CPYU, we believe that part-time youth workers, volunteers, and bi-vocational youth workers are essential and effective. That’s why we’re focusing today’s conversation on answering some of the unique youth ministry questions being asked by those who aren’t full-timers. Stick with us as bi-vocational youth worker Jordan Martin picks the brains of veteran trainers Duffy Robbins and Marv Penner, on this episode of youth culture matters.

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