Polar Owl, White Owl, Artic Owl...Snowy Owl


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Snowy Owls are a beautiful species and a special animal to see for birders and non-birders alike. In 2013-2014 there was an irruptive year that taught us much about this species. And in 2020, they are being seen along the Canada-U.S. border and in urban environments for all to enjoy and appreciate.
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Our adventure to Seattle for the Snowy Owl: 43:15

Show notes

Audubon CBC webpage
Snowy Owl
Project SNOWStorm
Black Swamp Bird Observatory guidelines for viewing Owls
Snowy Owl in the news
Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

eBird hotspot

Seattle Snowy Owl eBird checklist

Intro Bird Call: Barred Owl (Recorded: June 2019 Clatsop, OR)
Outro Bird Call: White-crowned Sparrow (Recorded: April 2019 Clatsop OR)

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