Meditation: Kindness


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My teacher's teacher, Joko Beck, was once asked, if she could summarize all her years of practice in one word, what would it be? And she said, kindness. This guided meditation takes us on a journey into the experience of kindness and cultivating kindness. As the heart opens, we become free from our reactions and are able to respond to the world, to relationships, from this place of loving kindness and compassion. What does kindness feel like? This natural, effortless awareness that is presencing, is totally complete, just as it is. Lacking nothing, it desires nothing. From this place of completeness, kindness as a response to the world can arise. What are the qualities of kindness? There is a natural attentiveness, expecting nothing in return, no agenda other than to be kind. Openness, vulnerability, tenderness. Seeing our self in the eyes of the other.

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