Lions, Niners, Garlands & Brinson, oh my!


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Fridays are more fun when Courtney steals CBS NFL analyst Will Brinson for morning coffee, an escape from Xmas decorating (11:30) and a jam-packed hour of NFL news and notes. COVID concerns has the league hellbent on finishing the season on time (20:30). NFL seems more concerned for upper tier teams, 49ers move into AZ like step-brothers (26:30) and it actually might lift them to the postseason. Will’s concerned about the Colts finishing out, Courtney on the Browns (31:00). Does it make sense for the Patriots to finish 9-7? Short answer: HELL NO (34:00). Which of the NFL coaches deserved to be fired, and which ones shouldn’t (37:14). Bad strategy is dogging Bruce Arians led Bucs (43:00) or is it the other way around? (44:30) How to fix the confusion in TB (47:30) Steelers talk (51:30) Putting Patrick Mahomes in an anti-COVID postseason bubble (55:12) and the crew finishes with a now reoccurring variety segment called “5 STEP DROP” (102:00) Bird scooters are dangerous.

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