How Kelly, Founder of Zynnyme, went from burnt out and broke to 5 weeks in Spain.


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In this episode we talk to Zynnyme Co-Founder, Kelly Higdon. Kelly will talk about her journey from working for county mental health to becoming a therapist in her own private practice to creating one of the most popular marketing programs for therapists in private practice, the Business School Bootcamp.

And here’s the deal, folks. Kelly almost left the world of mental health altogether because she was so burnt out, she didn’t see a path forward. Not only did she find a way to stay, but she was able to build a practice as the primary breadwinner. Her next big vision: Living abroad with her family while continuing to run a sustainable, passion-filled business.

In this episode, Kelly will share:

How she went from burnt out and broke to successful primary breadwinner;

How to cope with the fear and anxiety about losing all that you’ve worked so hard for;

The family messages she heard about money in her family of origin and how those messages impacted her business growth;

How healthcare challenges have led Kelly to take her financial security seriously;

How she was able to experiment with a 5 week family trip to Spain as she works towards creating a vacation home abroad;

3 Strategies YOU can use to move from stress and overwhelm in your practice to building a full fee, cash pay business that serves you.

Resources mentioned:

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee (Guilt Free) Workshop

Zynnyme Business Bootcamp

More about Kelly:

Kelly Higdon is a LMFT in CA and the Co-founder of where she helps private practice owners serve their communities through positive client outcomes while improving the life and income of the clinician. She is also the co-creator of Business School Bootcamp, the largest online business training system for therapists.

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