How The Seahawks Bounce Back, Dwyane Wade joins the show to talk USA ‘Redeem Team’, Miami Big 3, and his Business Ventures


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Russell and Jeff start the show by discussing the Seahawks’ disappointing loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. During the conversation Russell gives Jeff some honest insight into how he and the team played. To finish the topic, Jeff asks Russell how he plans to approach the remaining four games in the regular season.

Russell and Jeff then introduce their guest Dwyane Wade, a three-time NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist, and savvy businessman. To begin the interview, Dwyane lets the guys know that during quarantine he has spent more time with his family than ever before. As customary, Jeff asks Dwyane which NFL team he supports, and is alarmed when Dwyane says he supports his hometown Chicago Bears.

Russell and Dwyane begin their one-on-one interview talking about their commitment to the game off the field, specifically their bodies (15:30). They each explain how they realized at an early point in their respective careers that they needed to invest in their bodies if they were going to play the game for as long as they would like to. Russell then asks Dwyane about his childhood, and Dwyane explains to Russell some of the hardships he had to overcome in order to not only become successful, but just to survive. Dwyane tells Russell about his relationship with his mother, who has had a very well documented tumultuous life, but one with a happy ending!

Russell transitions the conversation to talk about Dwyane’s historic basketball career (35:00). Russell asks him what it was like to win his first NBA championship. Russell then asks Dwyane about the 2008 USA ‘Redeem Team’, who won the gold medal at the Olympics in Beijing. Dwyane talks about the overall experience, and highlights some of his first memories with the late, great, Kobe Bryant (46:10). To finish the conversation about Dwyane’s illustrious basketball career the guys talk about the Miami Heat Big 3.

To wrap-up their one-on-one conversation (1:03) they discuss business; what drives them to achieve more, how they decide to invest in something, and why philanthropy is a staple of their portfolios.

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