265-Mom's Guilt with Unyime Oguta


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“It feels terrible as a mom to put yourself first... it’s easy to say self-care when you don’t have kids”.

This is such a sensitive topic for moms... Me, the single woman with no kids telling them to take time for themselves.

I have avoided doing a topic on this subject because let’s face it, it’s true: I don’t get it. That’s until today...

I have a guest expert who can speak about this from a lived experience. She’s a mom of 3 kids under 12, with a professional career and now starting a business.

Unyime gets it.

Unyime Oguta is our guest today. She’s a Non-Diet Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and a student of mine. She’s just about to graduate from our Non-Diet Mentorship program.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on mom's guilt:
  • Why balance is B.S...
  • The disease of “Shoulding yourself”
  • The toxicity of “getting your body back”...
  • How to no longer feel guilty around taking care of yourself
  • The way to feed my family healthy while trusting my children’s choices
  • How to do self-care as a mom
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