Only Posh People Say - The Correct Order of Biscuits by Adam Sharp


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Click here to buy: Read by Matthew Spencer 'There is a theory that humans made lists before we invented writing. Adam Sharp's exquisitely arranged, addictively witty book of lists is the reasons why. He is the poet laureate of lists' John Mitchinson, Senior QI Elf 'So much to disagree with in this book. And I mean that as a huge recommendation' Richard Osman 'Very funny and highly addictive. Adam Sharp, you weird genius' Russell Kane A list of ways to start a conversation with a cat in different countries 5. Pss-pss-pss (England) 4. Kac-kac-kac (Lithuania) 3. Pish-pish-pish (Iran) 2. Ming-ming-ming (Philippines) 1. Bellowing "What's new pussycat, whoa, oh whoa" (Wales) Are you feeling down in the dumps? Is the chaotic, disordered nature of modern existence freaking you out? Are you feeling...listless? Then this collection of fascinating, hilarious and brilliantly odd lists is the remedy you need. Packed full of incredible facts, from what people say instead of cheese when they're taking a photo in Bulgaria, to what a platypus is called in Mandarin, everything under the sun is here. In order.

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